Label System Fingerprint Pads

The label system is ideal when a clean space needs to be created on which to take a fingerprint. The clear pads and coated labels work together to provide instant, dark fingerprints on documents or forms. The clear composition of the pad never shows any color on the individual’s hand but once pressed onto the label a black, identifiable fingerprint appears.

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Fingerprint Labels
Fingerprint Labels 1 roll w/500 labels               $15.75
Fingerprint Labels Qty 6-11 rolls            $10.75 per roll 
Fingerprint Labels Qty 12-23 rolls          $9.75 per roll 
Fingerprint Labels Qty 24-71 rolls         $8.75 per  roll 
Fingerprint Labels Qty 72-143 rolls       $8.35 per  roll 
Fingerprint Labels Qty 144 rolls or more   $7.75 each 

Ink Pads
Round Fingerprint Pad                              $2.95 each
Round Fingerprint Pad  100 or more         $2.00 each

Dispenser Box
Dispenser Box for rolls of labels          $2.50 each