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Of all the industries implementing inkless fingerprint technology banking is in the forefront. When non-account holders ask to cash a check, in addition to requesting forms of identification, participating banks also ask them to place an impression of their thumbprint on the face of the check. A small “inkless” touchpad facilitates the process. Although the touch pad looks and operates just like a traditional inkpad, it leaves no stain or residue on users or clothing. The procedure is quick, simple and clean. Banks do not maintain a data bank of fingerprints. These signatures are used by law enforcement officials only in cases where fraud is suspected.

The program works as a natural deterrent. Criminals seeking to commit check fraud are unlikely to put their prints on fraudulent checks.. They will likely try to cash the check elsewhere, and those who do present the check where a fingerprint is taken leave a positive I.D. that can be turned over to law enforcement.


Individual Fingerprint and Thumbprint Pads

Patented one-step fingerprint pad takes a permanent black print without residue on finger.


Label System

A quick and easy procedure for taking a fingerprint that leaves no stain on your finger, any residue on the finger wipes away clean.


Professional Plastic Surface Fingerprint Pads

Plastic surface gives ridge definition and print quality comparable to any inked system.


Premium Ceramic Surface Fingerprint Pads

Compatible with any law enforcement need. Ink dries instantly and does not smear.