About Us

Since 1971 we have supplied clients both nationally and internationally with  
industry leading inkless fingerprinting materials. Our products remain the
ideal method of securing your organization’s most crucial documents –
​without the mess and hassle of traditional fingerprint pads.

Our offices are located in Omaha, Nebraska in the Midwest  and we
​ continue to manufacture 100% of our products in the United States.
We have the ability to ship product from California and that
makes international shipping a snap.  Our central and western locations
translate into fast, convenient shipping for our clients anywhere in the
Continental United States and around the world.


A family run business, Identicomm began with Bill Rogers traveling the midwest selling the 2-part label system.  In 1985 his son-in-law, Steve Gordon, returned from working overseas and was instrumental in developing the inkless fingerprint pad.  After college, Bill’s granddaughter, Susan Wahl-Stolinski,  came on board and  traveled to bring the product to the banking associations as well as overseas customers.  Now the 4th generation has begun influencing keeping the communication current and looking for new customer relationships.