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Inkless Fingerprint Pads

Our patented one-step fingerprint pad will take a permanent black fingeprint on a plain piece of paper without leaving any residue on the finger.  This product provides a simple yet efficient method of positive fingerprint identification. The pad is ideal for use of check identification or in any other instance where positive identification is needed. The round pads yield approx. 600-800 fingerprints and the 3X5 pads take around 5000 fingerprints.

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2″ Round Pad

Min order 5 pads
Quantities  5-11       $6.50 each 
Quantities  12-23      $5.50 each
Quantities  24-49      $4.50 each
Quantities  50-99      $4.00 each
Quantities  100-199  $3.50 each
Quantities 200-up     $3.00 each

3X5 Inch Fingerprint pad      $21.95

Econopad Fingerprint Pads

For ultimate portability or if space is an issue the small econopad is only 1 1/2 inches in diameter. It takes approximately 800 prints.

Round Econo Fingerprint Pad Quantities    1-11         $4.95 each
Round Econo Fingerprint Pad Quantities    12-23       $4.50 each
Round Econo Fingerprint Pad Quantities    24-49       $4.00 each
Round Econo Fingerprint Pad Quantities    50-99       $3.50 each
Round Econo Fingerprint Pad Quantities    100-199   $3.00 each
Round Econo Fingerprint Pad Quantities     200-up    $2.75 each