Professional Fingerprint Pads


This is an identical system to the one-step fingerprint system except for the quality of the surface of the pad and the number of prints available.  This professional model pad makes use of a new, smooth plastic surface which gives ridge definition and print quality comparable to any inked system. The small round and rectangular fingerprint pads yield 1000-1200 fingerprints and the large rectangular 3X5 will take 15,000-18,000 individual fingerprints.

Ordering may be done using the link to the online order form below. If you would like us to fax or email a price list  to you please fill out the Contact Form link at the top of the page and indicate under comment  which price list you would like. 

Professional Plastic Surface Pads
Quantities  1-11          $4.70 each
Quantities  12-23        $4.10 each
Quantities  24-49        $3.60 each
Quantities  50-99        $2.90 each
Quantities  100-199    $2.65 each
Quantities  200-up      $2.35 each

Round Blue or Black 2″ Fingerprint Pads     $5.50 Each
Round Blue or Black 2″ Pads 100 or more   $3.50 Each

2″ Rectangular Fingerprint Pads
Quantities 1-49         $4.70 Each
Quantities 50-99       $3.35 Each
Quantities 100-149   $3.15 Each
Quantities 150-199   $3.05 Each
Quantities 200-up    $2.95 Each

3X5 Inch Plastic Surface Fingerprint Pad       $37.95 Each
Quantities 100 or more                                  $33.00 Each
This pad also available in ceramic surface – call for pricing

Re-Print Tabs  500 on a roll                  $19.95

Pads are available in traditional black ink also, use the forms or call to place your order 800-433-5769