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About Replacing Fingerprint Pads

Anyone using a fingerprinting pad is in need of replacing ink pads at some point. Finding the right replacement ink pad is important. It can improve the quality of the fingerprinting pad or it can make it more difficult. Going with the same type of pad may work for some but for others the need for something different sends them out looking into their options.

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Fortunately there are many options in replacement ink pads. The choices allow you to find something that will work perfectly for
your needs. You can try out different pad types and find the one that suits your situation the best. Then you will be able to shop easily for replacements in the future.

Considerations when Buying Ink Pads
There are a few different things you should consider when looking for a new ink pad. You should start with analyzing your usage. You want to find a pad that can handle the amount of use needed for your situation. You also want something that will be appropriate for the training level of the people using it. Also consider any special needs you may have.

You want to be prepared to be able to scan through various types of ink pads to find the one that suits your needs without having to compromise anything. At the same time knowing what you want will help make the process quicker and easier.

Options in Ink Pads
There are a couple of options in fingerprint pads. There are regular inked pads or inkless pads. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages

Regular ink pads use the traditional fingerprint ink. They are easy to use and most people who take fingerprints know how to use them. They are also inexpensive. On the downside, they are messy and without careful fingerprinting they allow for too much ink on the fingertip which leads to smudging and unusable prints.

Inkless fingerprint pads are the better type that use inkless ink.  These work just like a regular pad so anyone who knows regular fingerprinting
methods will know how to use an inkless pad. They are not much more expensive than regular pads either. Additionally, they are clean. 

A Special Note
It is very important when buying a replacement fingerprint pad to make sure you get a pad specifically designed for fingerprinting. Fingerprint ink is much different than other inks. It will not irritate skin and the ink is made to fingerprint properly. 

With all the choices and options buying replacement ink pads is a breeze and you will find just what you need with little hassle so you can simply refill your pads in the future.