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About Fingerprint Pads

Fingerprint pads are showing up more and more at places that do any type of retail. The reason behind this is that fingerprint identification is becoming quite popular among retailers. It is a process that involves taking a customers fingerprint as a source of identification. It is protection for both consumers and retailers.

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There is no denying that fraud is becoming more prevalent than ever. Through the use of thumbprint identification everyone gets protection against people trying to steal, cheat and lie by using another’s identity. Thumbprint identification is secure and fool proof.

How a Thumbprint is Used to Stop Crime
Thumbprint identification is a simple process. When a buyer writes a check for a purchase they give a thumbprint on the check as a form of
identification. Thumbprint pads are an inexpensive way to provide some extra security. They are also easy to use and not any more of a hassle than checking other forms of identification.

Thumbprint identification is also error free. No one can duplicate someone else’s fingerprint and they can not hide their own fingerprint. When a
criminal is trying to pass off as the actual owner of the check they think twice about their intention when asked for thumbprint identification. 

Types of Thumbprint Pads
There are a few different options in thumbprint pads. The traditional inked pad is a common choice because it is inexpensive and people know right away how to use it. The downside, though, is that they are messy and can be aggravating for some people to use. 

Another option is an inkless pad that uses a special ink that shows up on the paper, but leaves no mess. These are slightly more expensive than inked pads, but the hassle free use is often much more pleasant for customers.

Both of these options mean there is something that works for everyone’s needs. This enables retailers to add this new level of security to their
customers shopping experience which helps keep fraud to a minimum and keep losses minimized.

Choosing a System to Use
Choosing which thumbprinting system to use is up to the retailer. The main considerations should be that it is easy to use and is affordable. A
retailer may also wish to consider the ability of their employees to get a clear and usable thumbprint. Without a clear print the whole process is a waste of time because it can not work to identify the person. The choice of thumbprint pads is something to consider carefully so that the whole operation is a success.