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About Fingerprint Pads and Kits

Fingerprint pads and Fingerprint kits are a great tool for keeping your child safe. Fingerprints are the natural form of identification. Everyone has their own, unique individual fingerprints and they are a trusted source of identification.

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Fingerprinting is used in many ways, but when it comes to child safety they are something that is proven to work. Using fingerprint kits to fingerprint your child will help you to get a record that can be used to help find your child should he or she ever goes missing. 

In a time of need, having a fingerprint record of your child can be one of the greatest tools you and law enforcement have to find your child. With a fingerprint record you are one step closer to keeping your child safe and secure.

Benefits of Fingerprinting Kids
The benefits of fingerprinting kids can not be denied. Fingerprints have been successfully used in many situations to help bring children home after they have gone missing.

A lost child may not be able to tell law enforcement who their parents are, where they live or even a phone number where a parent can be reached.  Having a fingerprint record allows a parent to provide it to law enforcement.  When a lost child is found, fingerprints can be taken and compared to those provided by parents. The result is a successful reunion.

Without a fingerprint record it could take much longer to reunite a  parent and lost child.

How to Use a Fingerprinting Kit
A fingerprinting pad will come with all the supplies you need to take a success fingerprint record of your child. Many kits even include helpful
information about keeping your child safe.

When you get your fingerprinting supplies you should go through and ensure everything is there. You should have fingerprint pads that contain the ink and a record where you will record the fingerprints.

You should start by having your child wash their hands. Natural oils and dirt can interfere with a good fingerprint record. You then gently, yet
firmly roll their finger from one side to the other over the fingerprint pad. This deposits the ink on their fingertip.

Then roll the finger onto the record to capture the fingerprint. It is very important to get a clear and complete fingerprint. You should look at it to ensure it is not smudged or incomplete. The fingerprint should clearly show the patterns of swirls and arches. 

It is very important to ensure that you have done the fingerprinting correctly. You may even wish to take in the record to your local law enforcement agency to have them checked. They can tell you if they are done correctly and if they are usable.

Once you have finished recording their fingerprints you may want to wash the child’s hands or have something handy to wipe up their fingers after you are finished.

That is all there is to it. Fingerprint kits are affordable and they can make a huge impact on keeping your child safe.